Our Case Studies.

Highlander International Recycling are well known for our unique outlook on our customers waste opportunities and how best to both reduce costs and maximise the values from waste materials generated.

We look at your waste materials as a potential asset and work back from this position as opposed to seeing your waste as a problem that needs to be solved. This negative perception about your waste leads to recycling as being a “pain” or a “nuisance” when in fact, if handled with diligence and care, waste materials can be responsibly recycled and can potentially generate a new income stream for your organisation!

In our “Case studies section” we describe some projects undertaken involving Highlander customers, where we have revolutionised their waste handling and recycling systems, meaning less cost and more revenue for their businesses!

Case Study 6 – New Baler System

Case Study 8 – Premier Housewares

Case Study 9 – Trade Forms

Case Study 15 – Arjo Updgrade (again!)

Case Study 16 – Bell And Bain

Case Study 17 – Thomson

Case Study 18 – Resideo Honeywell

Case Study 20 – Supagard

Case Study 21 – Arjo Wiggins

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