Recycling Equipment and Facilities

Highlander International Recycling are able to offer the design, provision, delivery and maintenance of various types of recycling machinery and equipment, to assist clients in the processes and systems involved with a successful recycling program. Each system provided would be as part of an overall recycling package, provided with landfill reduction or preferably elimination, firmly at the forefront. We have been involved in a vast range of systems over various business sectors such as packaging, printing, retail and other waste management & recycling companies.

We are able to provide balers of various sizes and capacities, export loading ramps, fork lift trucks with various types of attachments and any other related recycling machinery.

recycling equipmentAs well as providing the machinery on a contract basis, we are also able to provide the practical training in how to use the machinery and where applicable and agreed, we can also be responsible for servicing and ongoing maintenance of the machinery, as part of any contract for the supply of waste paper from your operation.

Highlander Management have unrivalled knowledge in the operations of recycling facilities, from grading paper and plastic, operating sorting systems and balers and all relevant handling systems. Many of our clients have drawn on our experience as part of an overall consultancy and bespoke recycling solutions packages, all of which have enjoyed significant increases in throughput, quality and efficiency, while adding value to many of the recovered paper grades they produce.

We would be pleased to offer interested parties the chance to view some of the equipment and machinery installations we have provided - please feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable site visit.

Various types of machinery we can offer as below:

  • Fully or semi-automatic horizontal balers
  • Hand fed, wire tied vertical "Mill sized" balers
  • Hand fed, twine tied vertical small sized balers
  • Hand fed, twine tied vertical multi-chamber balers
  • Standard open hopper compactor / bin systems
  • Tipper/1100 litre bin fed compactor / bin systems
  • Standard door-fed compactor / bin systems
  • Air and / or diversion fed compactor / bin systems
  • Portable / mobile compactor systems
  • Shredders of various sizes for paper destruction
  • Collection services to suit all machinery types

We have facilities located in Belfast and East Kilbride