New Highlander cieTrade Investment
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New Highlander cieTrade Investment

Global competition, increasing customer demands, complex logistics and the focus on documentation has placed further challenges on brokers in the recovered paper industry, with the need for companies to demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver services that both meet and exceed customer expectations alongside legislative requirements.


Highlander International Recycling has been a successful broker for the past 11 years, shipping high volume, low margin commodities, where simple mistakes can lead to rejected loads, missed cut-offs, demurrage or document discrepancies, which can incur unexpected charges and penalties. The directors of Highlander International Recycling identified the need to initiate a structured process of improvement which would involve all areas of the business, in order for them to realise their goals and vision for the company.

After moving to larger warehouse premises and purchasing key machinery (please see previous articles), the next stage involved analysing current workflows and business processes, discussing the best practices to improve operational efficiency and control. This programme of continuous investment has encompassed all business operations and procedures, and as such, led to the investment in a new computer software system called cieTrade: “A unique set of integrated tools that delivers to organisations the critical capabilities needed to improve business practices, monitor order profitability, manage shipments and bookings, produce accurate documentation and respond quickly to customer requests.”

Together with cieTrade, our Operations Manager – Leah McJimpsey – analysed the current business workflows, gathering business requirements and developing a model which the cieTrade software uses to support our business goals, in addition to updating our system hardware and network improvements. Time was spent transferring data to the new system and collating all information to enable the system to be used to its maximum capacity.


Although we previously made excellent use of spread sheets to record data, we are now in a position to coordinate common information in a more efficient and effective manner, generating statistical reports, analysing financial data and streamlining operational tasks. The functionality of the essential processes has been greatly improved, from the initial supplier order, through to organising transport and logistics, as well as invoicing, meaning the time taken to process orders has been greatly reduced.


The implementation of this software system, and the significant investment it has required, illustrates the continued commitment of both Brian Bingham and Stephen Duffy to not only increase volumes and expand into different areas of the industry, but also ensuring the back office procedures run successfully so that they can focus on important aspects of maintaining the unique relationships they have created over the years with customers, suppliers and haulage partners, offering a professional, personal and tailored service wherever possible.


Brian Bingham commented: “The overall investment for the implementation of cieTrade amounted to circa £50,000. However, we are confident that these new systems will streamline the entire office operations and this should result in tangible benefits and enhanced service provision for all customers and suppliers alike. We have already begun using the system and the difference of simple procedures such as placing orders is significantly faster and more efficient. We would be delighted to provide any information as required by our loyal customers.”


Please contact Leah McJimpsey directly if you have any questions relating to this exciting new development.